[Mailman-Users] Lists work, but no archives

Doug Lipman mail at storydynamics.com
Sun Jul 18 08:06:13 CEST 2004

Hi, I'm a newbie using Mailman 2.1.5 on Linux (Redhat 9) with 
sendmail. I was able to install Mailman and create lists via the web. 
The lists work; messages sent to it go out to subscribers.

The problem is that, even though I have set the "Archive" option via 
the web interface, none of my lists is archiving. When I go to the 
archive page via html, I get " No messages have been posted to this 
list yet, so the archives are currently empty."

I thought I had perhaps made a mistake with the pipermail alias in 
Apache, but when I go to <http://www.storydynamics.com/pipermail/> I 
see what appears to be the correct list (i.e., one link for each of 
my mailing lists).

I have searched my logs, at least the ones I could find. The only two 
logs in /usr/local/mailman/logs are "error" and "subscribe." 
Subscribe looks reasonable; error is empty. I'm not sure exactly how 
to read all the other logs I have found in /var/log/ and in 
/var/log/httpd, but no entry seems relevant on the face of it. I 
don't know what other logs I should be trying to read.

I have also searched the archives for help at 
<http://www.mail-archive.com>, with no success.

Does anyone have an idea what I could have done wrong? Or at least 
where else to look?


Doug Lipman

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