[Mailman-Users] Problem after bin/arch'ing

Ronny Raschkowan ronny at kopfrechnung.de
Thu Jul 22 00:09:27 CEST 2004


I have a problem, and i still can't get the right answer for it, maybe 
you could help me.

I needed do edit a message of an archive today, so i did the change, and 
saved it. Later, i had to run the bin/arch script to regenerate the 
archive of the list i had to edit a message. Thats what i did, providing 
"bin/arch mylist [<mbox>].

Now, i have got a problem with that: The numeration of the mails got 
changed. All links which pointed to a specific mail don't work anymore, 
because it seems there -3633 after the arch'ing. Meaning: Mail 9659 got, 
after i had arched, 6026. I can't figure out, what caused it, but i 
still have the problem that the links are broken after this change. Is 
there any possiblity to get the numeration like it was before? Or is it 
possible to say the script, it has to start counting from Mail Number 
3633, ( i mean giving the (first!) mail the number 3633, to get the old 
order) ?
I am really desesperating on this problem - As far, -s and -e can't help 
in this case.

Sincerly yours,

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