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ulisavi at tin.it ulisavi at tin.it
Thu Jul 22 11:49:19 CEST 2004

Pardon my english. I'm italian.
I would like to allow users of my future sites to create a owner mailing list, by becoming moderator of the list created. With Plesk 7 and Mailman i have the capability to choose a password and to give it to all member of my sites or to all anonymous visitors. With this Password each user can create a New "owner" mailing list and becoming moderator of the mailing list created. The problem is that with this system each user can modify the header and the footer of each message sent and he can choose also to include in the messages sent by mailing list members images and allegates. I will, in fact, that each member can create, in freedom, a "owner mailing list" with this system. It is good. But i hate that each moderator/creator can modify the footer and the header of the messages (pre definite) sent by the owner mailing list created and i do not will that he member insert in the message sent images and allegates but only pure text or external link. I also like to deny the possibility to change the html pages type archive html, member sign up and so on (because i would like to predefine it by myself with my logo and banners). I would like that. ... Each man can create and moderate thier "owner" mailing list created but Not to change the html pages or modify the header and footer of the messages sent and not allow the sending of images or allegates (only text pure and links).

Here :
each user with a email address can create a NEW mailing list, by becoming moderotor of the list created. List creator's (authentication) password is : "new" . 
For example i have just created, using this creator password ("new"), the list : "test22jul04" password of mailing list admin : "tester".
http://lists.forum99.com/mailman/admin/test22jul04   password tester

The problem is that in the admin panel each administrator can modify  "Non-digest options" and "Digest options" (header and footer). He can change the "Content filtering" and he can "Edit the public HTML pages" .


Test22jul04 mailing list administration
General Options Section

Configuration Categories Other Administrative Activities 
[General Options] 
Language options 
Membership Management 
Non-digest options 
Digest options 
 Privacy options 
Bounce processing 
Archiving Options 
Mail<->News gateways 
Content filtering 
 Tend to pending moderator requests 
Go to the general list information page 
Edit the public HTML pages 
Go to list archives


Non-digest options 
Digest options 
Content filtering
Edit the public HTML pages

And to fix (pre define) it in a configuration file on the server ?

On the server i have in the mailgate directory a template directory :
/var/mailman/templates/   different file html that i can customize but this  general menu is not present. Is it possible to eliminate these voices from the general option admin page ? Or to disable the admin capability to change these 4 voices ? 
When i have to specify the password in mailman to give it to the user  i have to write the command :

[root at air421 templates]# /var/mailman/bin/mmsitepass -h

This command have also a "list ONLY CREATOR password". The list creator is authorized to create and remove lists, but does not have the total power of the site administrator. Exist a system to disable these voices using this command option ? I have used this option "only creator" but the 4 voices in the menu' continue to exist. ....

Somebody can help me to disable these voices from the User Admin Option Menu' ???

Usage: /var/mailman/bin/mmsitepass [options] [password]


        Set the list creator password instead of the site password.  The list
        creator is authorized to create and remove lists, but does not have
        the total power of the site administrator.

        Print this help message and exit.

If password is not given on the command line, it will be prompted for.

[root at air421 templates]# 

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