[Mailman-Users] Subject Line on Invite Messages

Toby Reiter toby at breezing.com
Fri Jul 23 05:03:18 CEST 2004

This has been asked here before, but is there any way to modify the 
Subject of the invite message? "confirm 
aad5624d316c46234928426cb4a6c57c691d0e7c" is a DEAD WRINGER for spam, 
and is likely to be deleted by many of our users.  I don't want to be 
a bad net citizen and automatically subscribe users to this list, but 
the majority of the people who receive the invitation will want to 
join (it's for health services trainings through a non-profit they've 
already done trainings with, working with the CDC, etc.).  But I fear 
many will miss out on this invitation for a list they really want to 
be on, thinking the message is spam.  If the message had a welcome 
text, like "An Invitation to Join the Foo List" I think people would 
probably read it.

Just to preempt those who say to look in the archives - I already 
have. I've looked through every message with the keyword invite and 
found nothing. Ditto for invitations.  When I do a Google search, all 
I find is a message telling me that this issue has already been 
discussed, and it's in the archives.  It is possible that it is 
somewhere in the browsable archives, and not the searchable archives. 
But honestly, I'd rather not look back through years of archives to 
find the message.

I'd greatly appreciate any info anyone can give me on this. If this 
requires tweaking on my end, that's fine. I'll tweak, and when I'm 
done, I'll post my results to the group.

Thanks in advance,
Toby Reiter

p.s. I'd like to apologize if I sound a little harsh above. It's the 
end of a long day, and I find it very frustrating when people reply 
to non-obvious questions with a "look in the archives" or search 
Google responses.  I'm a member of several technical lists, and I'll 
post responses to questions even if they've been addressed before, or 
are clearly available in the manual. It doesn't really cause grief to 
anyone to actually answer their question if you actually know the 
answer. Obviously if people say "how do I install mailman" you may 
want to point them towards the install guide instead of answering it 
in the post, but if it's anything at all complicated, just answer.
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