[Mailman-Users] how to stop lists.domain.com becoming domain.com

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jul 24 17:44:56 CEST 2004

Obantec Support wrote:
>Ok what i mean here is when I post to the list i only want list members to
>see To: news at lists.domain.com
>what they are seeing is To: somebody at theirdomain.com CC:
>news at lists.domain.com
>what i want is like this list where when you post all you see is To:
>news at lists.domain.com

I don't think this is a Mailman issue per-se. The default Mailman
behavior doesn't change these things or move them around. I think the
post was addressed To: someone, Cc: list by the person who sent it (or
that persons mail client).

For example, your post to which I'm replying was addressed by you To:
<Mailman-Users at python.org> and it came to the list From: you with that
To: address. I am replying-all to your post. if I didn't, the reply
would go to you only. My MUA then addresses my reply-all To: you and
the list, but many if not most MUAs will address that reply-all To:
you with Cc: the list.

So in this case, you will receive my reply directly, everyone else will
receive it from the list. If your subscription is not set to avoid
duplicate copies, you will receive another copy from the list.

So, to summarize, I think posts are being addressed this way by the
sender. If you see posts from the list addressed To: someone, Cc: the
list, and you know that these posts were send to the list addressed
To: the list only, then I don't know why this is happening.

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