[Mailman-Users] Extracting members [WAS: Need help to help a friend!]

Stefan Waidele jun. St.Waidele at LinuxBasics.org
Tue Jul 27 21:48:06 CEST 2004

David A.Roth wrote:
> I'm new to the list, so please be kind. :-)

I have not tried this completely, so please be kind, too :)

> [...]he has a 
> Tar file of his entire Linux system with Mailman (1.9 gigs) and wants to 
> be able to send out an e-mail announcement to the people on that list 
> now informing them of a delay until he gets the list back up. Right now, 
> he doesn't have access to a Linux system,

I would try the following:
1. Get _any_ intel-box with enough diskspace available. (Can be a 
removable HD)
2. Boot Linux from your favorite CD-only distribution (I would take Knoppix)
3. Extract the archive into some temporary location.
4. chroot to the archives root
5. Get the adresses using list_members command.

> Q: Can these e-mail addresses be  extracted (exported) to an ASCII file 
> without the use of executing any Mailman software?

Well, my suggestion runs mailman-software, but at least you do not need 
to install Linux on a computer.

Also, in .../lists/<listname>/config.pck I have found e-mail adresses of 
the members. But since file is binary, it might be a pain to extract them.

Good luck,


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