[Mailman-Users] Send mail through web interface.

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Thu Jul 29 19:05:24 CEST 2004

On 05:01 AM 7/29/2004, mailman-users-request at python.org wrote:
>I want to add some functionality to send an e-mail to a list in MailMan
>through a web page. For anyone to reach this web page they will have to
>be authenticated as a subscriber of the list. The web page will send an
>e-mail to the list from a hidden e-mail address which will be the only
>e-mail address that is allowed to post messages to the list. The reason
>for this is that the list should be as private as possible.
>Could anyone give me some hints as to where to start?

         I had this running fairly well a while back.  Mine actually 
verified the users account and put it in the from of the e-mail, but you 
can easily change that to a hard coded from.

         I did this on version 2.1.2, so there may be some changes.  My 
biggest problem was cookies, but if you are not trying to put a user name 
in the e-mail that is less of an issue.  I'm way to busy to offer any help, 
but here are some notes and examples that should get you going.  The demo 
pages will not work because some of the scripts are no longer installed.

A demo that was hard coded to be from one of my accounts - this may be all 
you need.

Information and code - will give you what you need to make the above work:

Full demo page

Good luck!

<>< Paul

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