[Mailman-Users] overwrite entire list

Bruce Embrey embrey at hood.edu
Wed Jun 2 23:28:12 CEST 2004


I refresh my lists on a daily basis and I use the following commands to
remove all members and then import an updated list:

bin/remove_members -anN listname
bin/add_members -wn -an -r filename list

These two commands will do what you want silently without notifying the
members of the list. Hope this helps.

Bruce Embrey

Bruce Edward Embrey : Linux Systems Manager 
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I have about a dozen lists that I need to dump entirely and import from 
scratch.  I see the ability to do a mass remove- but not sure how to/ 
what to upload to accomplish that.  If I upload a new file will that 
overwrite or append to the current list?

Thomas Waters
Director of Information and Communication Services
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
rxweb+ at pitt.edu

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