[Mailman-Users] Apache/Mailman with existing IIS

Scot Condry Scot at JCTn.com
Thu Jun 3 07:03:15 CEST 2004

So the only way to keep them both is to open up port 80 traffic on the linux box / router as well??



From: Brad Knowles [mailto:brad.knowles at skynet.be]
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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] Apache/Mailman with existing IIS

At 5:05 PM -0700 2004/06/02, Scot Condry wrote:

>  My firewall (2 nics, the static IP and sends port 80 traffic
>  to my windows server.  And I can tell IIS to redirect traffic
>  for http://linux.mydomain.com to a URL, google, cnn whatever... it works.
>  But I cant get it to redirect to the linux box.  I get 404 errors.

        I'm not sure how it works with redirects through another server,
but redirects internally to apache do not work with Mailman.  This is
the cause of the problems which lead to the FAQ entry at

        However, I don't know how this would interact with the way you're
trying to do redirects.

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