[Mailman-Users] help with configuration

Bob fish at livingsky.net
Tue Jun 15 01:21:24 CEST 2004

I have mailman 2.1.4 running on an exim4/Debian system. I am running the 
multiple configuration for exim4, and have been able to get some help 
from this list to do so. We have figured out some of the problems, but 
when I set-up the various macros/files the way suggested (which did get 
my mailman running and exim accepting and sending mail) I found that two 
things stopped working. The automatic recognition by exim4 of the newly 
created lists (without creating entries in /etc/aliases) and that the 
various list addresses placed in confirmation emails were formatted 
wrong. ( http://livingsky.net/cgi-bin/mailmanadmin/test3)  This was in 
the email sent when I created a new test list, and all the addresses 
were in this shape. The addresses sent to new subscribers were fine. I 
could not find which file created these confirmation letters, and so, am 
asking for help on both these matters.

Bob Lydiate
fish at livingsky.net
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