[Mailman-Users] Logical bug in messages?

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung at meinberg.de
Thu Jun 17 11:37:34 CEST 2004

Hello List!

In the LC_MESSAGES for mailman there is one for the reject message that 
is sent when a non-member tries to post to a list and the posting is 
rejected automatically. In this error message the mail address of the 
list-owner (xxx-owner) is mentioned. But, regarding this owner-address, 
I read in the online documentation of the owner-suffix that this 
list-owner-address-suffix (default: -owner) is only used when  umbrella 
lists are configured. I did not do this and I do not want to.

So, my questions are:
a) why is this in the LC_MESSAGES and not a template (this is a little 
bit inconsistent)
b) why the owner-address is used no matter if there is an umbrella list 
or not? Either the online description for the owner-suffix is wrong or 
the usage of this field is wrong in that message.

I thought I can workaround this by changing the message files (.po) and 
then format them to .mo files with bin/msgfmt.py, but this only works 
for our german translation. The english messages are hardcoded in the 
sources, so I guess I have to patch the sources in order to get rid of 
this... Any comments?

A last question: Is there a bug tracking system available for mailman? 
Something where I can submit my "bugs" or feature requests?

Thank you for your time,
kind regards,

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