[Mailman-Users] Using topics vs. Additional Lists

Fred H Olson fholson at cohousing.org
Sun Jun 20 15:37:58 CEST 2004

Joe Burkhart wrote on Fri, 18 Jun 2004:

> First, we're planning a one-way list that our organization will use to 
> send updates and news to subscribers and not accept postings from 
> members.  We have several categories of messages that may be sent out
> depending on the program the message pertains to.  We're weighing the
> benefits of using one main list with different topics setup for each
> category against using separate lists for each category. Does anyone
> have an opinion about using topics instead of creating separate lists 
> in our situation? 

> Second, one major disadvantage I can see in using topics is that as the
> admin, you can't see which topics a member has selected to receive. So,
> there's no way to judge the effectiveness/popularity of your topics. Is
> there some way to see this?

Joe, I've pondered this also.  I've considered trying to combine an
announcment list with discussion list (for those who are more interested
in the topic).  In this case it would be nice to have the announcement
topic be the default or have new subs have the option to check a box for
announce vs all messages.  Anyone figure out a way to to change the
Info page to do this? ** Also as list manager without mailman admin
access (command line) archiving and uploading topic preferences would be
nice.  (Actually archive / uploading subs with complete option (digest/
nomail etc) would be very nice.

Does anyone know of examples of public lists that use topics at all
extensively (even non Mailman)?  I've had difficulty getting experience
with them.

** I have put some mailman forms on private web pages that lead me to
think it might be possible.  I have a page with the request form for a
list of subscribers (from bottom of Info pages) for multiple lists.  My
page supplies the admin email addr and passwords.  I also have a page with
multiple list forms to supply admin password and go directly to the list's
member maintenance (or rejects) pages which are used often. I'm only
moderately skilled with html so this was developed with trial and error.

Fred H Olson ( Direct copy of replies appreciated; I'm a no mail mode 
               subscriber and read archives periodically) 

PS I am very pleased with Mailman service at http://www.tigertech.net --
20 lists as part of $75/year package, Web based list creation forms,
Mhonarc list archives (instead of Pipermail) with search tool.  Also
great, prompt email based support.  (I have no financial interest in
Tigertech tho I've offered to invest and been declined :) 

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