[Mailman-Users] Changing HTML templates

Nathan Kennedy ntk at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Jun 26 19:13:09 CEST 2004

I am running Mailman 2.1.x on OpenBSD 3.5.  I wanted to customize the 
Mailman HTML, in particular the archive login page and the mail 
archives, to match the rest of my website.  Through the admin interface, 
I found that there were only three pages that I could edit, so I edited 
the HTML templates directly in /usr/local/lib/mailman/templates/en/.  
Then I did arch --wipe listname, and the changes to the archive HTML 
took effect and looked nice.

However, I was bewildered that the next time mail was sent to the list, 
the archive index was rebuilt using the default, original Mailman HTML.  
Again I did arch --wipe listname, and my changes took effect.

Why is it that when mail is sent to the list, it is not using the 
templates in mailman/templates/en, and where IS it getting the templates 
from?  It doesn't look like the templates are embedded in the list 
configuration, at least I could not find them there.  Seems odd that 
arch --wipe listname would have different behavior from how Mailman 
normally rebuilds the archive HTML when it gets mail.


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