[Mailman-Users] DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST question

Michael Sullivan michael at espersunited.com
Sun Jun 27 04:33:37 CEST 2004

I have a question.  I use Fedora Core 1 and I just got mailman up and
working today.  I guess this is sort of a tweaking question.  I set my
mm_cfg.py's DEFAULT_URL_HOST to www.espersunited.com (my domain) and
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to bullet.espersunited.com (I tried using just plain
espersunited.com, but then it wouldn't send me mailing list creation
notices and wouldn't let me post messages to the list - and the machine
the servers are installed on is named bullet.)  I then set up a mailing
list for family news called sullivanfamily.  I subscribed myself to the
sullivanfamily list.  Mailman sent me a request for subscription
confirmation (from sullivanfamily-request at espersunited.com, since
sendmail aliases all mail from bullet to say they are from
<user>@espersunited.com.).  The problem is that when I reply to that
message I get an error that says that
sullivanfamily-request at espersunited.com is an unknown user.  In order to
get the confirmation response sent off I have to edit the To:  field to
say sullivanfamily-request at bullet.espersunited.com, because
bullet.espersunited.com is what I had to set my DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST to in
order to get it to work.  I want subscribers to be able to send their
subscription confirmation to sullivanfamily-request at espersunited.com
instead of @bullet.espersunited.com.  Is there any way to do this?

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