[Mailman-Users] htdig and paths

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Jun 30 07:40:50 CEST 2004

On 30 Jun 2004, at 05:23, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm at my wit's end here...  I've got MM 2.1.5 w/htdig patches (via
> FreeBSD port), and while it seems very close to working, it's not quite
> right, or perhaps in my reading of the patch install/config guide I 
> just
> missed something.
> Everything seems to be happening correctly; a new post to a list gets 
> the
> htdig directory added.  If I manually run the nightly script (as 
> mailman),
> that works without error.  I get the search box, and I get search 
> results.
> However, the links to each message look like this:
> http://myhost.com/htdig/listname/2004-June/000008.html
> Which of course isn't a valid URL; all the archives look either like 
> this:
> http://myhost.com/pipermail/2004-June/000008.html
> or
> http://myhost.com/private/2004-June/000008.html
> Even if I go into the archive/private/htdig/listname.conf file and 
> alter
> the URL (url_part_aliases) and run the nightly script I still get the
> bogus URL.

This is explained in the INSTALL.htdig-mm file (or its HTML version) 
added to the $build directory by the patch:


these are a CGI script and its wrapper, which is always on the path of 
returned from searches of htdig indices. The script provides secure 
access to
such URLs in the same way that the $prefix/cgi-bin/private and
$prefix/Mailman/Cgi/private.py. Both htdig.py and private.py ensures 
archives are kept private, applying the same criteria for permitting 
Additionally, htdig.py delivers material from public archives without 
any authentication.

Normal installation of Mailman, after applying the patch to the source 
distribution, should handle things.

> What am I missing here?  Was there some Alias I was supposed to add to 
> my
> apache config?  What else can I tell you about the config?
> Thanks,
> Charles
> ___
> Charles Sprickman
> NetEng/SysAdmin
> Bway.net - New York's Best Internet - www.bway.net
> spork at bway.net - 212.655.9344

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