[Mailman-Users] Bounce address showing

Marci O'Daffer, Managing Director marci at womenshost.com
Wed Jun 30 21:34:38 CEST 2004

I am getting complaints from one Mailman user about the bounces address 
showing in her header. When she gets mail, rather than showing the 
message as "from" the person who sent it (and yes, the list set to show 
the sender's email address) it reads like this:

From:  list-bounces at domain.org 
<MAILTO:chossloop-bounces at chossfamilies.org> 
[mailto:list-bounces at domain.org] 
<MAILTO:%5Bmailto:chossloop-bounces at chossfamilies.org%5D> On Behalf Of 
John Jones (or whoever is sending the message)

I am on many mailman lists, and my headers show the bounces address in 
the return-path, and the sender fields, and a few others. But my email 
client only shows the "from" field  unless you actually click the "view 
headers"  icon. I am thinking that her's might be similar, but perhaps 
her client is using the sender field or return-path to display?

Do any of you experience this? I have asked on the listowners list, but 
it seems to be out of commission today.

Marci :)

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