[Mailman-Users] Message discarded...why?

David david at gof.se
Mon Mar 8 16:31:06 CET 2004

Hello gurus,

I have searched the archives and I didn't find an answer for a strange
behavior at one of my Mailman lists.

A member is subscribed to the digest version of my list. She gets all the
mail to the list, but can't post.

I can see in my logs that the message is delivered from Postfix to Mailman.
She is also able to post a private message to me from her address

Her messeges to the list are discarded. This is the latest entry in my vette
Mar 08 14:15:46 2004 (837) Message discarded, msgid:
<20040308131542.18A8F2AB26 at ws1-7.us4.outblaze.com>

The server is running Mailman 2.1.4 on a RedHat 7.3 box.
The user is using a http://www.mail.com/ address. It's a pretty bad service,
but I can't understand why Mailman discards her e-mails.

There is no bounce messege back to her from my server. I'm stuck.
Any clues?

 Blue Skies,

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