[Mailman-Users] list management via email

Leigh Silvester leigh.silvester at breathemail.net
Tue Mar 16 12:20:29 CET 2004

>If you look *way* back in the archives you'll see a discussion from 3+
>years back where I setup a client to be able to be able to do command
>line activities via special email addresses to a mailman list.
>Afterwards I coached someone else in a successful effort to do the same.
>The special addresses (like listname-quiet_remove at domain.com) did a
>specified Admin task for a list. Each email had to start with a text
>line that included a special enabling password - something like:
>  password: ubergeek
>That was followed by a list of email addresses to be removed from the
>The script sent back a confirmation email indicating which users had
>been removed and which were not (and the reason they were not - such as,
>"email address not found on list".
>These small command-lets are very easy to write.
>Of course these days, I would simply hack the Python code and add the
>desired functionality.  Mailman's code is fairly easy to follow and it's
>all cut and paste. You might look at it as a good way to learn Python!
Do you happen to have a link for this or know the title?

While these sound like some good strategy suggesions, unfortuantely they 
way that this is installed on
my hosting I don't have access to the scripts (I think they are on a 
separate server) and I do not have
shell access.
I was hoping to come across some builtin Mailman functionality. This is 
important as it is going to be
a component of a system I am developing for someone that I may try to 
make more widely available
and that would only work if it takes advantage of standard installation 
and functionality.

I have managed to get a subscription request submitted by email using 
the listname-request at ...
address, BUT it waits for approval or confirmation (dependant on 
particular Mailman setting) rather than
being submitted straightaway. So near yet so far!
I am beginning to think that I am going to have to stick to using lyris 
which is a pity,



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