[Mailman-Users] Copy some of the features from Freelists (ecartis) to the Mailman.

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Wed Mar 24 15:34:06 CET 2004

Recently, I've looked at the freelists.org running on ecartis:
It seems that the lists on freelists have some interesting options, which
Mailman haven't got, so maybe you could introduce some of them into Mailman.

I put some screenshots over there:

Description of the options:

I like that it has statistics, quoting limits and strip-headers (a colon
seperated list of headers to remove from outgoing messages). One of my
subscribers unsubscribed from my list just because X-confirm-reading was
distributed over it.  Bad quoting is also often a problem, so it would be good
if Mailman could have similar solution to that used in freelists.
Statistics is also very nice feature.


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