[Mailman-Users] domain woes

Tim Faircloth tpf at gsw.edu
Thu Mar 25 15:57:10 CET 2004

Our mail server (host.my.domain) recieves mail addressed to @host.my.domain 
and @my.domain.  Right now, it is set up to send mail as @my.domain, but 
before, it was set up to send mail as however joe user had it set up in 
eudora to send (either @host.my.domain or @my.domain).

However, since the change to force @my.domain on outgoing mail (using the 
"MASQUERADE_AS" option on sendmail, many users have complained that they 
cannot post to mailing lists because they subscribed as 
<user>@host.my.domain.  Is there a way to set up mailman to accept either 
domain as coming from the same domain?

i.e. : if Joe user (joeuser at my.domain) subscribed to my a list as 
"joeuser at host.my.domain" through the web interface, is there a way that I 
can let him post as "joeuser at my.domain"?  I realize that I could set up a 
filter to specifically allow "joeuser at my.domain" to post, but I would 
prefer that mailman accept an "@my.domain" address to be treated the same 
as the corresponding "@host.my.domain" addresses.

Tim Faircloth, System Administrator
Office: (229) 931-5076	Beeper: (229) 928-1458

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