[Mailman-Users] HTML

Sean Carnahan sean at 77002.com
Fri Mar 26 00:22:51 CET 2004

Yes you can.  But I'm afraid I've lost sight of the original problem you're
experiencing.  There is nothing prohibiting html messages thru mailman
except the individual settings for your list.

Have you looked at your Content Filtering settings?
- yes

Is is set to convert html to plain text?
- no, its set not to convert it.

Is it set to remove attachments with the text/html content type?
-Not sure haven't looked at this and will do so now.

What happens when you send html messages?

-When I send one out, it send it but when it comes over, it has all the
graphics as attachments, and the text is laid out but with html link tags
shows instead,  it still comes as html, just strips the graphics I have sent
that are embedded , such as sending a html webpage from site to the list.
But when it comes the text and all are there, the graphics(jpgs) are removed
from seeing and sent on as attached files.

What exactly do you see?
-See above

Do the html tags get displayed as text rather than showing the html result?

Or do you just see the text, no html tags, no html?
-I see text, in html, with tags and links ive made for things.

Perhaps it's something in your particular email program?
-I send via outlook to mailman 2.1.3

Have you tried a different email program or a webmail site?
-I don't have another email program, will try form another site and see
what's up.

Thanks you so much for looking into this with me.
I hope to sort it out as bcentral, which I was using for emails, is just one
helluva pricey thing.
But it send s out just what I need. I am sure mailman can do the job but
have to get over this hump.



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