[Mailman-Users] qrunner lockup / mass moderation

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue May 4 09:24:59 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan Uhlmann <su at su2.info> writes:

    Stephan> Is there another way to do such mass moderation?  I tried
    Stephan> to move away the files in the data/ directory but then
    Stephan> Mailman complains about missing them, so I guess I have
    Stephan> to do it the "Mailman way" to keep everything consistent.

I've seen this done a couple of times on a 2.0.13 installation with
nothing being the worse for wear.  Delete the spam messages, get the
page, which will still take a lot of time because Mailman looks for
them all and builds up a 1000-message long page, each of which says
"couldn't find the message file", pling any new spam that has come in
while you were fooling around, and Mailman will decide that all the
spam got thrown in a black hole, and reset itself.  I've actually lost
spam messages (once) because of a race with a co-moderator; odds are
it happens once a day somewhere on the planet, so I'm sure Mailman
knows how to deal.

Probably you'll get a better answer, and there's no rush, really.  But
if you _have_ to do that, I'm pretty sure it will work without harm to
anything except the spam.  :-)

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