[Mailman-Users] Python: High CPU Load

Jason Shouler jason at data-flow.org.uk
Thu May 6 14:09:00 CEST 2004

We run an announcement only list of about 25K members on a IBM Netfinity 
5500 (1 GB RAM) running SuSE 8.0.

Mailman 2.1.4 performs very well except for the web interface which is 
slow at the best of times and can even time-out during an active mail shot.

This is a snapshot of "ps aux" showing a cpu load of over 96% generated 
from doing a member search.

wwwrun    7469 96.1  2.0 22680 20968 ?       R    12:14   0:05 
/usr/bin/python -S /usr/local/mailman/scripts/driver admin

No errors in the error log.

Would anyone like to comment on how "normal" they'd consider this?



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