[Mailman-Users] lists that are members of each other - bad idea?

Barnaby Scott barnabydscott at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 14:06:09 CEST 2004

Kinda what I feared!

Does anyone have any suggestions about my original
query then (about 'affilate' members a couple of
threads back)?


--- Brad Knowles <brad.knowles at skynet.be> wrote:
> At 12:06 AM -0700 2004/05/10, Barnaby Scott wrote:
> >  Does anyone know the consequences of setting up
> two
> >  lists which are members of each other?
> 	I believe that would be very bad news.
> >  Presumably the X-BeenThere header should come
> into
> >  play to avoid such an eventuality, but will it
> work in
> >  these circs? Or even if it does work, should one
> not
> >  do this sort of thing for other reasons?
> 	The risk is that you will have set up a potentially
> serious loop, 
> for which there is only one way to detect and stop
> it before there is 
> a melt down.  All it would take is a misconfigured
> client or MTA to 
> remove certain headers before sending the message
> on, and you and 
> everyone else would be toast.
> 	Before you take a shotgun with a hair trigger and
> load it with 
> thermonuclear shells, you might want to give some
> consideration to 
> what it might do when you go away and leave it
> pointed in your 
> direction -- especially when there are children and
> pets around, any 
> one of which might accidentally set it off.
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> little temporary
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