[Mailman-Users] Skipping Mailscanner for list mail

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Mon May 10 19:44:35 CEST 2004

      Since several of you indicated you use Mailscanner, I'm hoping 
someone can help with this.

      I have three large (1000 to 5000) VERPed announcement lists.  When I 
send out these lists clamav shows up in top - and it eat up all available 
CPU for several minutes.  I have read all the documentation and added 
filters that should cause virus scanning to be skipped, but clamav still 
runs.  Is Mailman sending in a way that the filters are not kicking 
in?  Any idea what to add?

      In MailScanner.conf I have:

Virus Scanning = /etc/MailScanner/rules/virus.scanning.rules

      In virus.scanning.rules I have

From:           paul at mydomain.com                    no
From:                                     no
From:           xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx                            no
From:           *@svr.mydomain.com                   no
From:   listname at svr.mydomain.com                  no
From:   listname-bounces at svr.mydomain.com     no
FromOrTo:       default                                     yes

      The first entry is the e-mail I use to send to the list, the third is 
my server IP,the forth is the server host name, the next two are the list 
address and the from address.

      Any ideas?

<>< Paul

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