[Mailman-Users] Don't smack the newbie... 3 questions in one

Dennis Kuhlmeier theql107 at edo.uni-dortmund.de
Mon May 17 23:09:34 CEST 2004

Hi there,

I of course first searched the list archives but somehow did not find
exactly what i was looking for.
So please help me ;)

I just switched to Mailman 2.1.5 from a 2.0.x version and am not yet quite
sure if i like the way it works with all these python processes running
all the time, but well, now to the questions (allthough I know of the risk
of asking more than question at time, I hope all will be answered, but
number concerns me most atm)

1. Why does Mailman add a blank Cc: header to all mails posted to the
lists I created on the server, except the "Mailman" list itself? I have
set an Explicit Reply To: header to all of them, but that should not be
the cause, as I added one the Mailman list and it still does not add that

2. Lists created via the admin webpage cannot accept mail (user unknown).
I know that mailman can now accept mail without having to add all the
aliases (how is that actually supposed to work), but on my system it just
won't work without these aliases. Why can that be? (running all lists by
using newlist command and adding the aliases, which works fine)
found this FAQ entry (which does not resemble the error sendmail reports)


but adding virtual hosts didn't help, as expected :(

3. damn, i'm sure there was a third question, but i must have forgotten

tnx to all who can help and are willing to do so!


Dennis Kuhlmeier

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