[Mailman-Users] Problem in subscription

jhony at goacom.com jhony at goacom.com
Mon May 24 09:21:57 CEST 2004


My mailman version is 2.0.13.

I have installed the above version and it works pretty fine execpt for one
problem. The problem is

1. If I set the the privacy option to either confirm or 'confirm and
approve', the mails are not send to the proposed subscribed address for
the confirmation. In the subscribe log file I can see the pending request.
But the mail never goes to the address, neither it comes to the admin

All my cron entires are set properly. I tries the cron program running
manullay also.

However, if the option is set as ' require approval, it works fine.

I tried this through web and throguh email also.

Rest of the things like posting, adding memebrs directly thorough admin
interface works fine. I couldn't find any error in the error logs also.

Could some one please help me in this.


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