[Mailman-Users] Sender details and anonymous list

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Nov 1 05:45:41 CET 2004

>>>>> "Miles" == Miles Waller <miles at jamkit.com> writes:

    Miles> The anonymous list correctly removes the details of who in
    Miles> the team sent the message, and replaces it with the lists
    Miles> email address.  I have been asked to set this so that it is
    Miles> a specific name, rather than the address. I.e, in their
    Miles> mail clients, users will see:

    Miles> From: The company's biggest boss

    Miles> instead of

    Miles> From: announcements at example.com

This is really a client-side (user) issue.  The From: header by
definition contains addresses.  It may also contain an identifying
string (ie, a "real name"), and comments.  If you set the list's
visible name to "The company's biggest boss", I would guess that
mailman would format the From: header as

From: "The company's biggest boss" <announcements at example.com>

and if it doesn't, it should be easy to hack Mailman to get it to do
so.  The address itself is _not_ optional in Internet mail, and the
"official" Mailman distribution will not support omitting it, I'm sure
(ie, I would bet a large sum of money against a rather small amount of
money -- it's not my decision to make).

Since most of the house-broken clients used on Windows and the Mac
support displaying only the "real name" or comment, just sneak into
the Biggest Boss's office and set his MUA to do that.  You'll hear no
more complaints.<wink>

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