[Mailman-Users] Unsubscribing Problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 3 04:52:02 CET 2004

Keith Casey wrote:

>I just 'inhereted' a mailing list and I'm just trying to figure out my
>way around.. yes.. a total n00b.
>I spent an hour or so looking for a solution to a problem that many
>people are expereincing on the list.
>When they want to unsubscribe on the wed interface, one inputs their
>e-mail address (it exists in the list) and when they press the
>'Unsubscribe or Edit Options" button, they are sent to the 'subscribe'
>page and it says this:
>Subscription results
>Your subscription request has been received, and will soon be acted
>upon. Depending on the configuration of this mailing list, your
>subscription request may have to be first confirmed by you via email,
>or approved by the list moderator. If confirmation is required, you
>will soon get a confirmation email which contains further
>Then an e-mail is generated stating that someone has tried subscribing
>you to a list that you're already on.
>It doesn't bring them to an edit or unsubscribe page when they press
>the button after they put in their e-mail address.... which shouldn't
>it be brining the user there?
>We're using version 2.1.5.

Here's my guess.

Someone has edited the template for the listinfo page, probably using
the "Edit the public HTML pages"->"General list information page"
link, but possibly via shell access.

This edit attempted to rearrange the page and has resulted in the
"Unsubscribe or edit options" form being logically nested within the
"Subscribe" form. This is an easy mistake to make because the start
tag for the "Subscribe" form comes too early in the template.

Each form in the template begins with a tag of the form
<MM-Xxx-Form-Start> and ends with the tag <MM-Form-End>.

In the default template, the <MM-Subscribe-Form-Start> tag comes way
too soon on the page, so attempts to rearrange things may move its
<MM-Form-End> tag after another form without moving the start tag or
move another form into the area between the <MM-Subscribe-Form-Start>
tag and its <MM-Form-End> tag.

The default English template (which should be unchanged is in
templates/en/listinfo.html. The one for your list is probably in

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