[Mailman-Users] Closed newsletter mailing list but any subscriber can write!

Arlequín amahoro at adinet.com.uy
Thu Nov 4 01:20:06 CET 2004


I am managing a web based (CPanel + MailMan WebAdmin) mailing list.

I've 1200+ subscribers and want only an email address, say, 
allowed at mydomain.com to write to newsletter at mydomain.com to write 
messages in order to be delivered to all the subscribers.

It's an announce-only list. I don't want other subscribers to post.
Buy if any subscriber writes a message to newsletter at mydomain.com the 
message is posted...!

I've been browsing all the settings and can't find the way out. I'm sure 
I'm missing some important setting/flag.

How can I manage this?

Thanks in advance.
Arlequín                             _o)
amahoro_AT_adinet_DOT_com_DOT_uy     / \\
http://counter.li.org/             _(___V
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