[Mailman-Users] Admin unsubscribe members by e-mail

Allen Watson allen at circleofa.com
Thu Nov 4 12:54:15 CET 2004

I have a situation in which I frequently need to manually unsubscribe some
members from my list--usually triggered by some incoming message such as an
unrecognized bounce. Instead of going to the list's admin page and using
"Mass Unsubscribe", or looking up the member and checking the unsub box, I
would like to be able to unsubscribe them by e-mail using an admin password,
such as:

    unsubscribe joe at aol.com pwd=AdminPwd

Reason: I want to partially automate the unsub process using AppleScript.

The documentation describes the unsubscribe command like this:

    unsubscribe [password] [address=<address>]

Can I use that with the admin password and "address=joe at aol.com"?

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