[Mailman-Users] Inital mailman list

Tony Molloy tony.molloy at ul.ie
Fri Nov 5 10:43:18 CET 2004

I installed and configured Mailman. Then according to the install guide 
I created the initial mailman list using:

    ./bin/newlist mailman

Then I started the daemon and checked it was running.

I'm trying to subscribe myself to the inital mailman list, as it says in 
the install guide, but when I click on the list either on the "mailing 
lists" page or the "list admin overview" page nothing happens.

I've created a test list and it seems to work OK so the installation 
seems to be fine.

How do I subscribe to the initial mailman mailing list.



Tony Molloy.

Dept. of Comp. Sci.
University of Limerick

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