[Mailman-Users] Too many recipients to the message

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Nov 5 19:29:08 CET 2004

At 6:00 PM -0800 2004-11-04, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>>Is there a reason why I have been getting this same message several
>>times a day for several days now?
>  Yes, the OP has some kind of server problem that keeps retrying the
>  delivery of the post every hour and 20 minutes or so even though the
>  post is accepted by the incoming MTA at python.org every time.

	Okay, the problem user is now moderated, and they will not be 
allowed to post to the list until they fix their mail server.

>  Also, the administrators of this list (mailman-users at python.org) are
>  either unaware of the problem or haven't bothered to moderate the OP's
>  subscription or take other action.

	In the future, please send all such complaints to 
<mailman-users-owner at python.org>.  Chuq and I try to keep up on this 
list, but I know that Barry doesn't always have the time to do so. 
If you want to get the attention of the list admins, this is the best 
way to do it.

	Yes, I'm also guilty of not following this rule.  ;)

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