[Mailman-Users] Admin unsubscribe members by e-mail

Allen Watson allen at circleofa.com
Sat Nov 6 02:00:57 CET 2004

Applescript can use "do shell script" to access shell commands. I don't seem
to have wget on my OS 10.3.5 system; can "curl" do the job?

I tried running it; it returned the HTML for the page, looking like it is
halfway there. I tried entering the URL you gave (with appropriate values
substituted), but it seems to call up the member options page with
everything from the user's address on as the user's address. That is, it
says, "Yourlist list: Member Options for
joe at 4example.net&unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1&password=AdminPwd" at the top of the
page. It does not seem to understand anything after that address. Is
something missing? 

This approach seems really promising; I hope we can work out the kinks.

On 11/5/04 3:55 PM, "Tokio Kikuchi" <tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp> wrote:

> wget 
> 'http://www.example.com/mailman/options/yourlist/joe@example.net&unsub=1&unsub
> confirm=1&password=AdminPwd'

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