[Mailman-Users] digest issue

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 7 18:33:39 CET 2004

veep veep wrote:

>Some of my list members get their digests in the 'message from user on date' 
>format instead of 'message 1', 'message 2', etc.
>Their first message is a blank message not listed in the list of topics 
>'message from unknown on unknown'.
>The problem is these subscribers never get the full list of messages. It's 
>usually one message and the digest issue ends..
>Any ideas on why this happens?

Without seeing an actual raw digest from your list, I can't say for
sure, but I think the most likely answer is that the member's MUA
doesn't understand the mime type multipart/digest.

The structure of a MIME format Digest is as follows:

Overall message is miltipart/mixed

Subpart 1 is text/plain - the list boiler plate

Subpart 2 is text/plain - the TOC of the digest

Subpart 3 is multipart/digest

Subpart 3.1 is message/rfc822 - the first message

Subpart 3.2 is message/rfc822 - the second message


Subpart 4 is text/plain the list digest footer if any

I don't use a digest "header" so I'm not sure how it is sent, but it
may be added to the end of subpart 1 or to the beginning of subpart 2
or it may be an additional text/plain part between subparts 1 and 2.

If the member's MUA understands MIME, but doesn't understand
Content-Type: multipart/digest, it could possibly result in what the
member sees. If the member has the ability somehow to view the
"source" of the message, does it look like the above structure or is
the message truncated there too?

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