[Mailman-Users] How do I remove an owner from the command line?

G James Jones gjjones1 at usi.edu
Tue Nov 9 18:48:50 CET 2004

On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 11:20, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> G James Jones wrote:
> >
> >One question with using bin/config_list?  If I output the original
> >configuration with -o, then change the configuration (adding and/or
> >removing owners and moderators) and then use the modified config file
> >with bin/config_list -i to apply the new configuration back to the list,
> >will I damage anything?
> Depends what you mess up in the edit :-)

THAT'S a unix/linux/bsd thing... like "Will typing rm-rf hurt my Linux
install?" "It depends where you are when you do it."  =^)

> >config_list looks like an easier route until my python abilities get up
> >to being able to extend (using withlist) mailman for my personal needs.
> >
> >I just want to make sure that importing a modified config over an
> >existing config isn't going to cause more headaches than it relieves.
> It won't if you only change what you want to be changed.

I tried it on a test channel and it seemed to work fine... so I
proceeded with the rest.

using bin/config_list was still clunky, but not as clunky as having to
change all of them through the web.  Thanks for the help.

withlist seems very promising.  Time to add "Go Ahead and Start Learning
Python Already!!!" to my growing todo list.  A couple of custom tools
could come in handy.

> Note that with bin/config_list -i, you only have to input those
> attributes you want to change. Everything else is unchanged.
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