[Mailman-Users] No moderator requests after 2.1.5 upgrade

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 10 16:37:48 CET 2004

<by at xs4all.nl> wrote:

>We ran in the same problem as:
>although setting the mailing list manager to external at address.com all
>moderator email is sent to [nameoflist]-admin at domain.com
>below every list is the following which also shows this problem:
>list is moderated by <a href="mailto:Nameoflist-owner at domain.com">external
>at address.com</a><br>
>result: moderators do not receive moderator requests when these
>"Nameoflist-owner" emailaddresses do not exist.
>Is this a bug?

No it is not a bug. It appears that you do not have a Nameoflist-owner
alias in your MTA to pipe mail to that address to

 mailman/mail/mailman owner Nameoflist

You need to pipe mail to all 9 of the -admin, -bounces, -confirm,
-join, -leave, -owner, -request, -subscribe and -unsubscribe addresses
back to mailman. Mailman sends moderator requests to the
Nameoflist-owner address and when it receives it there, it sends it to
the actual owners.

The problem is your MTA is not properly set up to deliver mail to the
-owner address to Mailman.

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