[Mailman-Users] using non regular port on mailman

syse damir.miklavcic at lpp.si
Thu Nov 11 10:49:11 CET 2004

I have a mailman up and running just fine on it's default port 80.
But problems have started when I changed the default port in httpd.conf
80 to listen on 82!
>From that time on my web interface for mailman just don't seams to work
fine any more!! All links are pointing to the default port which is 80!
I tried it whith new installation from the scratch on my test machine.
So before I started a mailman service httpd was set to listen on port
82, and I've got the same result!
I think that must be a problem whit cgi-bin scripts ?
Have anybody else run on this problem ??? 

Regards, Damir

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