[Mailman-Users] Some requirements questions

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Nov 13 13:21:10 CET 2004

At 10:50 PM -0500 2004-11-12, Scott Balmos wrote:

>  The first paragraph I think we confused each other. The address that
>  Mailman would have in its list subscriber DB would be user+foo at blah, so
>  that the subscriber's MTA (Postfix) receives that address in the
>  envelope-receiver, and delivers accordingly into the folder.


>                                                               It is
>  not dependent on the To: header line, which can be whatever it wants.

	If you're using full personalization, then the envelope recipient 
and the "To:" header will be the same.  There's no way around that, 
unless you want to make source code modifications.

	Otherwise, the "To:" header remains whatever it was, and the 
envelope recipient address has the "+" extension.

>  No personalization necessary. What I'm more concerned about is from
>  the subscriber to Mailman. In that direction, the user's mail client
>  has set up just user at blah, like normal. Mailman, thus, receives posts
>  as such, and because it has user+foo at blah in its subscriber db, not
>  user at blah, the post looks like it's coming from a non-subscriber.

	Unless the subscriber configures their MUA to make sure that it 
always submits messages as user+detail at example.com when submitting to 
the list, then this is an issue.

>  I was wondering if there was a config variable or something to handle
>  this, or where in the post handling code does the subscriber-to-email
>  matching take place, so I can possibly hack this?

	The typical Mailman way to solve this problem is to subscribe 
both addresses to the list, and then set one of them to NOMAIL.  This 
way the subscriber gets to control their own effective "whitelist" 

	Otherwise, you have to deal with whitelisting the envelope sender 
address separately, which is a pain.

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