[Mailman-Users] Scramble e-mail addresses in archives

Richard Barrett r.barrett at ftel.co.uk
Sat Nov 13 22:42:24 CET 2004


you said in a a post on the subject on Thu Nov 11 15:15:09 CET 2004:

If you want something more than what this option provides, you'll
need to make source code modifications to Mailman in order to obtain
your desired results.  If you go that direction, we would appreciate
your contributing those changes back to the project.

I generated this MM 2.1.3 patch (#850805 - Aggressive anti email  
address harvesting measure) a while back, which will probably work OK  
with later versions of 2.1.x:


It was not approved of by some mailman developers but it did have the  
merit of masking pretty much everything (_all_ headers and message  
content) that could be used for harvesting email addresses from the  
archived messages without actually modifying the messages in the  
archives, i.e. it operates on what is delivered through the web  
interface making no irreversible changes to the underlying data.

I am sure it could be improved on but it might be useful to some people  
with concerns in this area.

Richard Barrett                               http://www.openinfo.co.uk

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