[Mailman-Users] Header entries

Speedy Gonzalis SpeedyGonzalis at softhome.net
Sun Nov 14 16:42:36 CET 2004

Go to your lists admin page.
At the bottom there is an option that says "Should messages from this mailing list include the RFC 2369 (i.e. List-*) headers?"
Select "No"
Press the "submit your changes" button.

You may want to do the same with the "List-Post: header" option as well.


At 09:54 AM 11/14/2004, Jan Eri wrote:
>we are using Mailman 2.1.4, but we are handling subscription and unsubscription with a separate system. Is there a way to remove the List-Subscribe: and List-Unsubscribe: lines from the header of the messages from the list?

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