[Mailman-Users] List has been running for a year and suddenly last night it stopped.

Noah admin2 at enabled.com
Mon Nov 15 01:22:14 CET 2004

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 22:31:32 +0000, Angus wrote
> Mail is working, List subscription is working. Mails to the list are 
> not working.
> Its mailman 2.12 and and my server also has CLAMAV and Spam Assasin 
> run by mail scanner.
> Before I tear my hair out can anyone point me at some basic things I 
> can check. Its been working perfectly for over a year in this config 
> sending to a 400 strong list. Nothing has changed that I am aware of 
> on the Cobalt Raq 550r server its on.


what is your MTA - sendmail and queue mail?  Have you just tried to restart
the qrunner daemon and see if anything clears?  Anything recently added to
your ~mailman/logs/error logs?



> Angus
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