[Mailman-Users] Duplicates and list-in-list

Allen Watson allen at circleofa.com
Mon Nov 15 03:41:38 CET 2004

Too bad. I can't use the workaround in the FAQ, because my six lists are on
a pair.com server; I do not have command line access.

I've devised a way to do this (combine the six lists into a single list with
no duplicate addresses) by using the "who" command to get all six lists
mailed to me. I combine these, sort and remove duplicates using BBEdit.
Then, I import the lot into an address book group in Microsoft Entourage,
and mail it. Even with about 1000 entries, Entourage via Earthlink seems to
handle the load OK.

I've thought of setting up a seventh, master list, and updating it each time
we need to use it, rather like your script does. I may go that route. But I
wish there were a simpler way. It is a pain in the neck to have to do this
every time we want to use the "master list." Fortunately, we don't need to
do it that often.

On 11/12/04 6:30 PM, "Mark Sapiro" <msapiro at value.net> wrote:

>> What happens to addresses that are on both lists? Do the recipients get two
>> copies of everything sent to ListC? Or are duplicates filtered out
>> automatically, so each recipient receives just one copy?
> Duplicates are not filtered. Those who are members of both listA and
> listB will receive two copies of each post to listC.
> See FAQ article 3.5 for one way to work around this.
>> Mailman FAQ: http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py

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