[Mailman-Users] List statistics

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Nov 16 01:31:50 CET 2004

At 6:47 PM +0000 2004-11-15, PeteBell wrote:

>  Namely, the ability to publish a regularly updating set of statistics on
>  my website with figures for:
>     Number of members currently subscribed
>     Average number of emails per day
>     Number of emails today
>  (etc)

	If you have access to the server, you can run various log 
processing scripts which can create this kind of information.  If you 
use postfix as your MTA, check out a tool called "pflogsumm". 
Another good tool to look at is "lire" from logreport.org.

>  Please note that I do NOT have access to the actual mailman program as
>  it is hosted as a server-wide installation shared by all domains on the
>  server, of which I am but one.

	That's going to be much more difficult.  Mailman doesn't do any 
log processing of this sort, and it doesn't have any statistics 
gathering/reporting features I am aware of.

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