[Mailman-Users] mailman gets stuck, stops sending messages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 16 22:54:17 CET 2004

Steven J. Owens wrote:
>In any event, both /var/lib/mailman/bin/version and "dpkg -l mailman"
>says I'm running 2.1.5 (dpkg says, and this section of the
>FAQ says:
>   If you are running Mailman 2.1.x then the qrunners are daemons that
>   are started by $prefix/bin/mailmanctl, which itself may be being 
>   run via a 'mailman' startup script. This is described in the 
>   INSTALL document for the version of MM you are running.
>I can't find any INSTALL document with:
>     dpkg -L mailman | fgrep INSTALL
>(Warning, don't do "dpkg -L mailman<enter>", there are over 3000 files
>in the mailman package :-).

It's part of the source distribution. Apparently, Debian doesn't
include it in their package.

>I can't see a mailmanctl daemon with:
>     ps -aux| grep mailmanctl |grep -v grep

Note that on Red Hat 7.3, with an 80 column screen, I have to do 
     ps -auxw| grep mailmanctl |grep -v grep
in order to see anything.

>I'm not sure what's going on.  At first I was excited, because I
>figured the absence of a mailmanctl process meant that was the
>problem.  When I did "mailmanctl start", messages waiting in the 
>queue were delivered, and they appear to still be getting through
>now, a couple hours later.
>However, on a closer re-reading, of the above paragraph, it doesn't
>really say that there's supposed to be a mailmanctl process running.
>It doens't say much of anything, really.

There should be a "mailmanctl -s -q start" running that was started by
/etc/init.d/mailman. It in turn should have started all the qrunner
processes which should also be running (a total of eight qrunners
assuming no slicing). If a qrunner stops, mailmanctl should notice and
restart it, but if mailmanctl stops too then so does everything except
receipt and queueing of messages.

>The only thing I can find in the logs that looks suspicious is:
>Nov 11 16:19:27 2004 (1060) OutgoingRunner qrunner started.
>Nov 11 16:19:27 2004 (1061) IncomingRunner qrunner started.
>Nov 11 18:30:26 2004 (1060) OutgoingRunner qrunner caught SIGTERM.  Stopping.
>Nov 11 18:30:26 2004 (1060) OutgoingRunner qrunner exiting.
>Nov 11 18:30:26 2004 (1061) IncomingRunner qrunner caught SIGTERM.  Stopping.
>Nov 11 18:30:33 2004 (1061) IncomingRunner qrunner exiting.

We don't know why the incoming and outgoing runners are  receiving
SIGTERM, but this will cause the problem because they will quit and
the master won't restart them. See

   bin/mailmanctl --help

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