[Mailman-Users] mailman features

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Wed Nov 17 04:34:22 CET 2004

While looking to replace Communigate Pro with Mailman a user asked if these are possible,

1) If a user is a user on multiple lists, can the user receive 1 email with all the messages in, as opposed to (say) 4....I assume this means in digest mode....can mailman do this?

2) For send out lists, how would we set a list up such that only the owner(s) can subscribe a user? ie a user cannot subscribe via the web or email, it is an outgoing list only. As far as I can see it would need to be hidden and all msgs would go to a moderator, global bit?

3) Automation of lists to /etc/aliases for sendmail on Linux (Sendmail), when generating a new list but this does not happen.

4) Hooking into a mysql (or similar) database either pulling data or taking it if pushed to mailman. ie mailman becomes part of a "integrated solution". I would think this is possible, especially as Mailman is Python based but I am not a programmer, has anybody done something like this?

5) Scaling, 100,000 users? very peaky loads expected.

6) Has anybody sized a server to handle 100,000 list member mail shots? I have a grunty Dell that I can add another 2 CPUs to plus more Ram so its a question of do I need them....

PS no I am not a spammer.....just have lots of students.......



aka Thing

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