[Mailman-Users] Mails don't arrive

Sven Osterwalder sven.osterwalder at infoklick.ch
Wed Nov 17 12:16:42 CET 2004

I've setup postfix 2.1.3 and mailman 2.1.4.
To connect both I use a script found on the web:
The script seems to work, because when I mailed to the list without the
script involved
(sendmail testlist at maillist.mydomain.ch
<mailto:testlist at maillist.domain.ch> ) I got a timeout. Now I get:
Nov 17 11:40:17 webserver postfix/pickup[12293]: E8FE16BD38: uid=0
Nov 17 11:40:17 webserver postfix/cleanup[12675]: E8FE16BD38:
message-id=<20041117104017.E8FE16BD38 at webserver.mydomain.ch> 
Nov 17 11:40:17 webserver postfix/qmgr[12294]: E8FE16BD38:
from=<root at webserver.mydomain.ch>, size=298, nrcpt=1 (queue active) 
Nov 17 11:40:18 webserver postfix/pipe[12696]: E8FE16BD38:
to=<testlist at mail.mydomain.ch>, relay=mailman, delay=1, status=sent
Nov 17 11:40:18 webserver postfix/qmgr[12294]: E8FE16BD38: removed
So I assume, the mail was sent. But mailman does nothing.. so no mail
goes out to the subscribers of testlist.
When I send any mail i.e. sendmail test at test.ch it works without
problems and the user receives the mail.
Can anyone help me on this?
Thanks and with kindly regards
Sven Osterwalder

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