[Mailman-Users] mailman on OS X 10.3.5 with apache, problems

Larry Stone lstone19 at stonejongleux.com
Wed Nov 17 17:38:57 CET 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Jason Miller wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a HOWTO for getting Mailman to work with OS X
> 10.3.5? I've googled and googled and googled, read as much on-line
> information as I can find, and I have little to show for it.

See the instructions I wrote which are linked from the FAQ entry Mark
referenced or just go there directly at

> One bit of info about my problem that I can offer is this:  when I try
> to go to http://localhost/mailman, I get a "Not Found" error even
> though I have
> Alias mailman/ "/Applications/mailman/"
> in my httpd.conf file.

I suspect that's your problem as my instructions do not have that
directive in them but does have a somewhat different ScriptAlias directive
for /mailman/ and an Alias directive for /pipermail/. For that matter, I
don't see that directive in the afp548.com article you referenced so I
don't know why you think you want that there (but I'm an Apache neophyte -
I just followed the directions I received).

-- Larry Stone
   lstone19 at stonejongleux.com

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