[Mailman-Users] mailman gets stuck, stops sending messages

Sean sean at sweetbourbon.com
Thu Nov 18 13:23:27 CET 2004

> >       I still want to solve the problem, but meanwhile, would there be
> >  any negative effect to adding an hourly cron job to restart
> >  mailmanctl?  Or perhaps to run a script to check that
> >  /var/lib/mailman/data/master-qrunner.pid is a valid process ID, else
> >  restart mailmanctl?
> 	The latter might be a good idea, but I think the former could be a bad one.

I'm curiuos as to why you feel restarting the mailmanctl every few hours
is bad?  Running a cron to check for master-qrunner.pid won't catch an
individual qrunner that dies out.


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