[Mailman-Users] Update 14000 list by config_list takes 48 hours

G James Jones gjjones1 at usi.edu
Thu Nov 18 15:49:23 CET 2004


I am not an expert, but I would bet that writing a python script using
withlist to manipulate the objects within the list would have a better
performance footprint than using config_list.

Just a guess and I am sure that it require more programming than a
config_list solution.

Good Luck

Jim Jones

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        James Chen
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        [Mailman-Users] Update 14000 list by config_list takes 48 hours
        Thu, 18
        Nov 2004
        Hi all,
        We just deployed the Mailman for campus E-mail lists service
        recently and
        are having some difficulties updating the 14000 lists on weekly
        basis.  The
        lists data are extracted from Oracle Database and then spooled
        into two
        files for each list, one file is for list members and the other
        is for the
        configuration of list.  We call config_list.py to inject these
        two files
        into Mailman database, Due to the performance of config_list.py,
        each inject
        takes up to 5~10 seconds to complete  a  average list while
        longer for large
        list. Apparently the bottleneck resides in the process when
        update the database in Mailman.
         Can someone in this list please advise is there different ways
        speed/tune up the update process?  
        James Chen  
        Information and Technology Division 
        The Queensland University of Technology      Brisbane, Australia
Jim Jones
Systems Analyst
Computer Center
University of Southern Indiana
Phone: (812) 461-5402

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